Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Refer a friend and get $5 off your tan!

Send your friends over for a spray tan and receive $5.00 off your custom airbrush tan! Word of mouth is huge and I appreciate you all helping spread the word. I used the best products out there with the best color...Endless Glow. I'm located in Lehi and for a group of 4 or more I can travel to you. So whether it's a fun bridal event, girls trip or even bunko give me a call 801-369-7864.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farmers tans are not sexy!

Not just for the ladies! Men I can blend that farmers tan and make it look like a natural tan as well. No worries about going to the office the next day looking orange! You will look amazing. Endless Glow products are the best out there and the color is fantastic lasting 7-10 days. That farmers tan has got to go! Call today 801-369-7864. $25 or 2 for $40 located in Lehi.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Going somewhere? Whether you're headed somewhere tropical, Las Vegas, a wedding, any fun event....  If 4 or more of you book an airbrush tanning session you will each get $5 OFF! I'm located in Lehi and I'm willing to travel if it's a group of you booking. I have a fun theater room for you to relax and talk with your friends while I custom spray each of you separately in the attached room. Things to know: Shower, exfoliate and shave prior to coming. No lotions! Wear loose clothing or bring some to change into afterward. And most important have a good lotion at home to wear to extend the life of your spray tan for 7-10 days. I don't recommend victoria's secret/ bath & body works etc. because they have alcohol in them that dry you out. Buy a good moisturizing lotion such as Eucerin or even a knock off brand such as Kroger etc. Call today to book you and your friends an Endless Glow Airbrush Tan today. 801-369-7864