Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't be white as a ghost!

Unless your plans are to be a ghost for Halloween call me asap to book your appointment for those Halloween parties while I still have slots available! I've already been busy this week airbrush tanning couples for their parties this weekend but I know there are more to come next Friday. And yes even those men need an airbrush tan to go with their short shorts for 70's costumes etc. I'm currently honoring my amazon local coupon price of $20 so call today to book for next Thursday. Located in Lehi 801-369-7864.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mobile Tanning

Rainy Day and you don't want to ruin your tan with rain dropping on you? In a rush packing for your vacation? I offer mobile tanning. YEP! I can come to you and custom airbrush tan you in the comfort of your own home. I'm willing to travel with in 20 miles of Lehi Utah. From start to finish plan on 45 min at your home for the set up/take down and actual spray tan. It's more convenient for you to come to me but I'm always happy to go mobile tanning a few days per week.

Things to help you be ready prior to spray tanning:
Shower/shave/exfoliate. Do not put on lotion before I come spray you.(deodorant ok)
It's best to wear loose clothing -not white after your tan. The bronzer will wash off clothing so no worries!
Do not shower or get wet for at least 6 hours after your tanning appointment.
Drink water to stay hydrated.
So important is use a good lotion the next 7-10 days. Not Victoria Secret or Bath&Body Works they have a lot of alcohol in them and your tan will fade faster.
If you're booking an appt for your wedding, family pics or another photographer moment I suggest 2 days prior to photo day having your tan done.
If going on vacation I suggest doing it the day before or day of if possible since your tan lasts 7-10 days you can have great color on that 7 day cruise!
I use the best solution there is out there. My color is not orange and I actually have 2 colors to pick from or my favorite is to mix the 2 solutions for the perfect medium color.

I look forward to meeting with you and making you feel amazing! Everyone looks better tan!
Krechelle 801-369-7864

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Homecoming Dance around the corner!

You just got asked, go find the dress and book your custom airbrush tan to complete the look! You will look absolutely stunning! Refer a friend or share this post or on Facebook and receive $5 off your tan. Book early to save yourself a time slot! 801-369-7864

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

School is back in and pool time is coming to an end. Don't let your tan fade away! I'm taking appointments Thursday and Friday for the holiday weekend. Call 801-369-7864. Located in Lehi near the outlets.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wedding Airbrush Tan Party!

Wedding season is in full swing! I literally airbrush tanned half the ladies in this photo! My arm was tired! Some ladies went lighter some chose darker thats the best part about custom airbrush tanning. The beautiful bride Megan along with her mom and sisters popped in 2 days prior for their custom airbrush tans. If you're tying the knot soon book yourself and your wedding party for a custom airbrush tanning session. If 4 or more book they pay only $20 and you the bride are free...this is a great deal! Not just for the ladies either... The groom, dad and a friend all got their endless glow tans on too! Don't step into a spray tan machine and risk being orange or having spots missed. Call today to book. 801-369-7864 located in Lehi.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Refer a friend and get $5 off your tan!

Send your friends over for a spray tan and receive $5.00 off your custom airbrush tan! Word of mouth is huge and I appreciate you all helping spread the word. I used the best products out there with the best color...Endless Glow. I'm located in Lehi and for a group of 4 or more I can travel to you. So whether it's a fun bridal event, girls trip or even bunko give me a call 801-369-7864.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farmers tans are not sexy!

Not just for the ladies! Men I can blend that farmers tan and make it look like a natural tan as well. No worries about going to the office the next day looking orange! You will look amazing. Endless Glow products are the best out there and the color is fantastic lasting 7-10 days. That farmers tan has got to go! Call today 801-369-7864. $25 or 2 for $40 located in Lehi.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Going somewhere? Whether you're headed somewhere tropical, Las Vegas, a wedding, any fun event....  If 4 or more of you book an airbrush tanning session you will each get $5 OFF! I'm located in Lehi and I'm willing to travel if it's a group of you booking. I have a fun theater room for you to relax and talk with your friends while I custom spray each of you separately in the attached room. Things to know: Shower, exfoliate and shave prior to coming. No lotions! Wear loose clothing or bring some to change into afterward. And most important have a good lotion at home to wear to extend the life of your spray tan for 7-10 days. I don't recommend victoria's secret/ bath & body works etc. because they have alcohol in them that dry you out. Buy a good moisturizing lotion such as Eucerin or even a knock off brand such as Kroger etc. Call today to book you and your friends an Endless Glow Airbrush Tan today. 801-369-7864

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get your tan before the weekend hits!

I still have 2 appointments available tomorrow evening and 1 Friday morning the 27th. Call to book and take advantage of the $20 price before July. Located in Lehi

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Remainder of June tans are only $20!!! Go to my Facebook: Krechelle Spraytan to link to my business page and "like/share" it to be entered to win a free airbrush tan! Winner will be announced July 1st. If you don't live in Utah I will send you a tanning lotion. Ever considered being a tan tech yourself? Call me for more info on how to become one and start earning $ for doing what you LOVE. Krechelle 801.369.7864

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Swimsuit season is here!!  Protect yourself from those bad rays and wear sunscreen. Get your perfect tan done by me instead of the sun. You decide how light or dark you would like it to look and no orange.  I'm so excited about what I do and I'm loving it! Plus I love that I myself have a constant airbrush tan myself. Did you know I'm able to sell NAAWK sunscreen? I can't tell you how much I love the smell of this sunscreen. Using coconut oil and shea butter it's 85% natural ingredients and paraben free. Contact me today for you endless glow tan AND pick yourself up some amazing sunscreen to protect yourself.

  • 2 tans for $40 otherwise $25 each
  • Getting married? Get 4 or more of your bridesmaids, family, friends etc. and you the bride get yours free!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome to Endless Glow Spray Tanning

Welcome!! I first wanted to start off by saying how excited I am to announce my new service that I am so excited about!  Endless Glow!  Many of you have heard about Endless Glow I'm sure... the newest, safest, sunless way of tanning.  As I have become more educated throughout the years on how harmful the suns rays can be to your skin, have seen family members who have struggled with the after affects, and have heard horror stories of skin cancer...I became passionate about this new business opportunity.  Sunless airbrush tanning shows off itself by providing a flawless and beautiful glow that makes you LOOK and FEEL amazing. 

There are a few questions when it comes to spray tanning:

1. Does it work?
2. Is it orange?
3. How long does it last?
4. How much does it cost?
5. Do I have to get naked?

To answer your questions:
1. YES, YES, and YES!! It works awesome! I, and many other clients can attest that it works so much better then your typical spray booth and even tanning beds because with the help of an actual technician you are able to get a soft, even color tan with no discoloration.
2. NO, No, and No!! Once you come and give Endless glow a try, I PROMISE you are going to love the bronze glowing color. I have seen many of the machine spray colors, I have seen lotions, I have seen gels, and I have seen the aerosol spray cans.  Endless glow solution is made with salon quality products that are going to give your skin the glow you have always wanted. That is the reason I chose to be an Endless Glow rep is the color!
3. On average Endless Glow lasts approximately 7 days.  Some even say up to 2 weeks. It really all depends on how your skins exfoliation process works.  Endless Glow also offers an amazing tan extender lotion that helps with that process of keeping that long lasting tan even longer if wanted. I love it and recommend it!
4. A single spray is $25.00  I will always have some type of special running for the month.
5. You can wear WHATEVER  you are comfortable in!! If you do not want any lines, the less clothing the better, but if your comfort level is a swimming suit, a tank and shorts, sports bra and underwear...etc.  You will be in a separate room with my Endless Glow Tanning Tent where I myself will be spraying you in the privacy of my own home or yours. My whole goal is to make women feel confident, comfortable, and leave my home feeling better about themselves and our role as women! You will love the way you look!


  •  Buy 2 Tans for $40 ( a $50 value )
  • Special tan price the week of your birthday: $5 Off and 10% discount on products.
  • Refer a friend  & receive $5.00 off your NEXT scheduled tan
  • Discounts for bridal parties and tanning parties - I offer tanning party discounts when you have a party of four or more guests and the host is FREE.  Each attendee pays only $25.  There must be four confirmed guests prior to arrival to receive the tanning party special in addition to product discounts.
  • An Endless Glow Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for the holidays or birthdays and Mothers Day!  Please contact me to find out how to purchase a spray tan gift certificate.
  • Mobile Certified Technician I can come to you. (small fee for distance)
Krechelle (801)369-7864 or email